We are proud of these wine kits, and are convinced you’ll savour the marvelous wines you will create with them.

2017 Passport Series Wines

This is your ticket to a new world of wine. Tour different terroir, explore the exotic, and uncover the unique.

Every year Passport Series™ takes us to new countries – from highly touted up-and-coming regions to age-old vineyards with long histories of excellence – it is an adventure through some of the most prominent and well respected wine growing regions around the world.

Available for just a short time and by reservation only, the exclusive Passport SeriesTM takes you on a new, exhilarating journey every year, making this collection a highly sought-after one of a kind wine experience.

Where will your Passport take you? Check out this year’s Collection below.

Passport Series Wines





Release: February 2017
Body: Medium     Sweetness: Dry     Alc/vol: 13%

Fresh strawberry on the nose, with watermelon and cranberry accents. This crisp, fragrant rosé carries juicy strawberry flavours and tart red fruit notes on the palate. Balanced and refreshing, with crisp acidity and a subtle minerality.

Sacramento County lies in the middle of the Central Valley, California’s prime agricultural region. It extends from the low delta lands between the Sacramento & San Joaquin rivers to just north of the state capitol of Sacramento, continuing east to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sacramento County is graced with a hot Mediterranean climate, and receives an average of just 350mm of precipitation per year. The moderately rocky nutrient-rich clay loam soil retains moisture while allowing excess water to drain away, creating fertile grounds for the vines to thrive in the hot California sunshine.

Turkey burgers, meat pies, tourtiere, and cured sausage platters are great matches, as are light summer salads, greek salads, tapas, and feta cheese. Enjoy with practically anything off the grill or serve on its own lightly chilled.




Release: Frebruary 2017
Body: Full     Sweetness: Dry     Alc/Vol: 14.5%

A bold, charismatic blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro loaded with raspberry, blackberry, spice, and a supple finish. Grenache brings ripe, jammy fruit flavours and hints of cinnamon spice. Shiraz provides a punch of blackberry, and plum flavours with elements of black pepper spice, while Mataro brings savoury, earthy notes, spicy elements and texture.

South Australia’s picturesque Riverland region boasts over 300kms of the River Murray running through it, and wildlife is plentiful in the area. Kookaburras, native to Australia, are abundant here and their ‘laughing’ call is a common chorus along vineyards and riverbanks. With the hot, dry continental climate and minimal rainfall, the river provides much-needed water to the area’s vineyards. The Riverland’s flat terrain and long hours of sunshine mean the vines here receive consistent, quality sunlight, greatly reducing their chance of disease and ensuring fully ripe, flavourful grapes.

Drink alongside braised meats, grilled lamb with rosemary, meaty pasta dishes, and mushroom stews. Try with earthy dishes like spicy, hearty stews with red meat and root vegetables, mushroom risotto, or eggplant lasagna.




Release: January 2016
Body: Full     Sweetness: Dry     Alc/Vol: 14%

A lesser known Italian red wine grape, Nero D’Avola has long been a prized varietal in its native Sicily and in the last decade has been gaining favour in the rest of the world as a serious red, joining the ranks of big Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Nero D’Avola offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke, and abundant flavours of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins, and a long finish.

Situated just off the ‘toe’ of Italy’s boot, Sicily is home to a number of active volcanoes, which create rich, fertile soils ideal for agriculture. The largest of the Mediterranean islands, Sicily enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters, and hot, dry summers with consistent sunshine. This combination of mineral-rich soil and reliable weather create near perfect conditions for growing wine grapes.

A great wine to match with rich meats. Try with beef stews, game meats, or barbecued angus burgers topped with bacon. Black bean or shitake mushroom based dishes also make for excellent matches.




Release: February 2016
Body: Medium     Sweetness: Off Dry     Alc/Vol: 12%

Citrus aromas with underlying floral notes make for a fresh and vibrant aroma. Juicy lemon-lime flavours fill the palate, accented by orange blossom and apple notes, mineral tones, and a backbone of crisp, energetic acidity. The subtle sweetness really makes the citrus sing in this succulent & refreshing white.

Located in the Mount Lofty Ranges, most of the region’s vineyards are planted at elevations between 400-500m. The climate is moderate-continental with long, warm summer days and cool to cold nights. The higher altitude of the region ensures these colder nights, slowing the ripening of the grapes and allowing the fruit to ripen more evenly, retaining crisp acidity. Clare Valley is known for its Rieslings, and wines grown here are heralded for their hallmark Riesling flavours – citrus, lime, apple, with mineral notes and crisp natural acidity.

This Riesling’s sweetness and acidity make it an easy pairing for a variety of dishes. Try with lightly to moderately spiced Asianinspired dishes, pad thai, or Tex-Mex dishes with cilantro & avocado. A fantastic pick for cheese fondue and creamy cheeses.




Release: December 2016
Body: Medium-Full     Sweetness: Dry     Alc/Vol: 13.5%

Signature peppery bouquet, with raspberry and earthy notes; this classic varietal from Southern France is complex and harmonious with soft tannins. Flavours of blackberry and black cherry are accented with spicy black pepper and oak, hints of mint, herbs, mocha, and faint licorice on the finish.

The Languedoc region hugs the Mediterranean coastline of France and has been planted with vineyards since the 5th century BCE. Vineyards here are generally planted in the coastal plains of the Mediterranean, known to be some of the hottest, most arid regions of France. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, low rainfall, and temperatures regularly above 30C, the weather provides excellent growing conditions.

Serve thick homemade burgers with aged cheddar, slow cooked lamb, or other grilled or roasted red meats. Try with hearty casseroles and pepper steaks. Hard, matured cheeses and 70% dark chocolate also pair well.



That’s why there’s Cheeky MonkeyTM , a fun wine with serious attitude.
This country of origin wine kit line makes its own rules, creating great wine that’s anything but traditional. Your friends and family will go ape over these fun styles and blends from around the world. So go adead… Get Cheeky!


View Cheeky Monkey List

cheeky_monkey_positano_wine_brantford1sCheeky MonkeyTM shakes off the uptight attitude and rules around wine because we know good wine isn’t determined by the price tag, brand name, or some expert’s opinion.

Good wine is whatever you want it to be, and it pairs with whatever you want to drink it with. Maybe that’s a steak. Maybe it’s a bag of chips. Maybe it’s just another glass of wine.

Contains 10L of grape juice and makes about 30 x 750 mL bottles.
Includes bottle labels.


Awaken the winemaker in you! Your guests will appreciate your choice and admire your taste in wines.




International GSM (Grenache, Syrah,Mourvédre) (with crushed grape pack)
Oak 3 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0
We picked a classic mix of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvédre grapes in Gard, France, on the west side of the Rhône river, for the foundation of this example of Southern Rhône-style wine. The French juices were augmented with Syrah concentrate from California to add body and depth of flavour. Fermentation on the French virgin crushed grapes produces a dark, toasty, and racy wine typical of the Rhône. Bright fruit and violet aromas define the nose. Blackberry,black cherry, fig, cocoa, and licorice flavours intermingle on the palate. The finish lingers with more fruit, herbs, and a suggestion of spice. The wine shows best with 6 to 12 months of age. Pairs well with chicken, pork, and roasted vegetable dishes.With age, stands up well to grilled or roasted beef.

Global Cuvée Amarone style (with crushed grape pack including sun-dried red wine grapes)
Oak 2 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0
Uses an Italian Valpolicella blend made with Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes. Fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed grape pack made from equal portions of California CABERNET and BARBERA grapes and sun-dried red wine grapes. A robust wine with an earthy aroma backed by notes of spice and vanilla. When young, concentrated flavours of black cherry and figs compete with un-mellowed oak, firm tannins, and an alcohol level above 14%. Six months in the bottle will bring harmony to the flavours and softer tannins for a rich,well-rounded mouth feel and lingering finish. Another year or two of aging will create a truly special wine. This wine can be enjoyed sipped like port or can take on your most robust foods like game, sticky ribs, rich pasta, or blue cheese.

California Reserve Cabernet (with crushed grape pack)
Oak 3 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0
This California Cabernet, fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed California CABERNET SAUVIGNON grape pack, delivers a characteristically firm-tannin wine with loads of black fruit character made more interesting by the vanilla notes from the oak. The aromatics suggest blackberry and black currant. Flavour is centered around red and black currants which remain evident through the nice finish. Six months of ageing should reveal a harmonized wine with somewhat softened tannins, but the wine will improve for a year or two. This is a wine to serve with beef and lamb.

California ReserveMerlot (with crushed grape pack)
Oak 1 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0
California Merlot with 1.5 litres virgin crushed California MERLOT grape pack. The wine releases aromas of raspberry and cherry and a subtle toasted note, followed by flavours of raspberry and strawberry. Gentle tannins and well-integrated oak contribute structure to the fruit-driven profile without being too aggressive. Should show its true character in about 6 months, but will continue to develop for at least a year. This soft red pairs with red meats and will work well with roast chicken.

Argentine Malbec Syrah
Oak 2 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0
Malbec and Syrah are blended to create a wine with aromas of toast while fermentation on Shiraz GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins adds hints of cherry and dark fruit to the palate.

Australian Cabernet Sauvignon
Oak 3 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0
The warm southern sun produces a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with the varietal’s signature nose: blackcurrants, dark chocolate and subtle toasty notes. Fermentation on Cabernet Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and toasted American oak produces a full-bodied wine with hints of coffee and vanilla notes.

Chilean Malbec
Oak 4 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0
With cool temperatures and plenty of sunshine, Chile has ideal growing conditions for this fullbodied wine. Complimented by warm spice notes, Malbec boasts aromas and flavours of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. The addition of our Merlot Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins creates a chewy, deep, rustic red wine with intense cherry flavours and blended oak undertones.


Californian Chardonay
Oak 3 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0
Hailing from sunny California, captivating flavours of green apple and tropical fruit enhance an upfront floral bouquet in this full-bodied golden wine. It will develop to reveal layers of ripe fruit and integrated oak.

Italian Pinot Grigio
Oak 0 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0
An enticing deep apple and grapefruit bouquet with apple and citrus notes that follow through to the palate.

Ontario Sauvignon Blanc
Oak 0 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0
From Canada’s largest wine growing regions, this medium-bodied and expressive wine presents bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours. Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose, it delights with a long and fruity finish.

South African Chenin Blanc
Oak 0 / Body 2 / Sweetness 0
This graceful wine is light-bodied with a pale straw colour. The fruity scented nose has hints of green apple and lemon with a subtle floral bouquet. On the palate, the wine is delightfully refreshing.


Cellar Craft’s unique 12 litre wine kits produce wines with more pronounced character, more body, and more flavour.
The reds even contain a unique, varietal-specific Virgin Crushed Grape Pack for true fermented on the skins flavour and aromas.


Grand Cru International  will produce exquisite, easy-to-drink wines that are expressively bold in their youth, yet graceful with a few months of aging. 12L of country specific select grape juice and concentrates will create an exquisite wine ready in as little as 5 weeks.


Cru Specialty Wines


Cru Specialty brings you truly unique and distinctive wines to stock your cellar and are perfect for all your holiday entertaining and gift giving. Cru Specialty has a wine to please every palate! These wines are available exclusively for the holiday season while quantities last.

Because Every Day Is Special…


NEW!  Coffee Port Style

Energize your senses with this comforting flavor experience! Dating back to the 15th century, coffee has been enjoyed worldwide as an invigorating elixir. Typical of medium roast coffee, aromas of toffee, burnt marshmallow and chocolate will entice you and follow through to a palate which finishes with lingering notes of vanilla. Our Coffee Port Style is a wonderful end to any meal paired with dessert or enjoyed on its own.


Orange Chocolate Port Style

This rich specialty wine is an intricate melange of lively flavours that tempt the nose and reward the palate. Rich aromas of dark chocolate are set gracefully against a frame of refreshing citrus and vanilla notes. The palate is endowed with a full-bodied and balanced combination of delicious chocolate, hints of orange peel and a medium-sweet finish. Reveal your fine taste by sharing your Orange Chocolate Port Style with friends and family this holiday season.


Cabernet Franc Ice Wine Style

Its glistening ruby red colour will catch your eye while its nose promises a mouth watering experience. Your palate will be overcome with flavours of sweet and tart red berries and apricots. A lingering honey finish will have you craving more. The rich berry flavours will pair per fectly with chocolate covered strawberries or your favourite dark chocolate dessert.


Apple Tatin White Port Style

This decadent white port will have you reminiscing of freshly baked warm apple pie. Its bouquet is filled with warm flavors of tart apples perfectly balanced with rich, sweet toffee. Hints of cinnamon and brown sugar complete the experience in this soon to become holiday tradition. This port is extraordinary on its own but will make the perfect addition to your favorite apple martini recipe.


White Chocolate White Port Style

A rare treat, this sweet and creamy port is a must for every wine or dessert lover. The senses are awakened by this thick, honey coloured wine and its rich, fruity nose. Hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla are balanced perfectly by velvety smooth white chocolate. Irresistibly sweet on its own, serve chilled as an after dinner indulgence or try it half and half with tonic water and a slice of lemon over ice as a refreshing cocktail. Especially delicious paired with dark chocolate, hazelnuts or salted cashews.


Riesling Ice Wine Style

A must for every wine cellar, Ice Wine is the perfect end to any meal and a great addition to your favourite cocktails. Riesling’s acidity adds the perfect balance to the intense sweetness. Sinfully delicious with intense apricots, apples and pears on the nose, following through to tempting flavours of honey and lychee that linger on the palate. The perfect finish to any meal, pair this nectar with strong cheeses, custard desserts or foie gras.

Niagara Mist Fruit Wine


The Niagara name has become synonymous with incredible wines and wonderfully tasty fruits. Niagara Mist™ combines famous wine varietals with sassy fruit flavours. Delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations such as Peach Chardonnay, Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc or Cranberry Shiraz are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion.

4-WEEK, 7.5L. KIT

White Fruit Wine

Green Apple – This refreshing fruit wine has an exquisite bouquet of tangy, crisp green apples.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Mango Strawberry – This fruit wine has the wonderful fragrance of silky, sun ripened fruit.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Orchard Crisp – This wine has the wonderful combined flavours of peach, apple and pear.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Peach – This fruit wine has the delicious flavour of ripe buttery sweet peach.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Tropical Fruit – This fruit wine has the delicious bouquet of pineapple, Mango and Kiwi.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

White Pear – This fruit wine has the wonderful fragrance of sweet pears with lemony and floral notes.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Blush Fruit Wine

Strawberry – This refreshing fruit wine has an exquisite bouquet of fresh picked strawberries. This refreshing wine perfectly compliments a grilled chicken sandwich and a strawberry spinach salad.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5) .

Raspberry Dragon Fruit – This wine is sweet and tangy with the taste of dragon fruit.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code(5)

Wildberry –Your senses will run wild after being exposed to this ensemble of luscious berry fruits which includes blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. This irresistible blush wine combines the sweet and easy drinking White Zinfandel with a rush of candy-flavoured forest berries that will have you begging for more. An ideal drink anytime that pairs nicely with a plain yogurt or desserts such as cheese cake and vanilla ice cream.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code(5)

BluePom – This hot, exotic new blush style combines the aromatics and flavours of red berry fruits found in White Merlot with that of the tangy Blueberry and tart Pomegranate. The resulting wine is an eruption of sweet and juicy flavours that will leave you speechless. Excellent on its own or with yogurt. Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5)

Stone Fruit – This sweet and easy drinking summertime wine punch is a medley of seasonal fruits that can now be enjoyed year round. Your nose will be enlightened be scents of peach, apricot and plum that will marry with cherries on your tongue to create a sensational sipper! A great brunch beverage!
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5)

Red Fruit Wine

Black Cherry – You’ll enjoy the super enhanced characteristics of fresh red berries and luscious black cherries. Pair this fruit forward wine with a salmon topped salad for a culinary delight.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (6)

Raspberry –This smooth wine has invigorating fruit flavours of plump sun-ripened berries. A perfect sweet and velvety beverage for summer sipping with a grilled burger on the side.
Includes Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5)

Blackberry – The intense fruit flavours and the refreshing notes of blackberry dance on the palate. This slightly bold fruity wine will harmonize with the spicy flavours of beef empanadas and spicy meat pies. Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5).

Melon Berry – The intense flavours of blueberry, honeyberry and cool watermelon. Sweet Reserve Pack, Sugar code (5).