positano_satisfaction_guaranteedMake your wine at Brantford’s Only Multi-Medal Winning Wine On Premise (U-Brew) Facility!

At Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods, we have something for everyone, from a full bodied red, fermented on grape skins and oak chips, to a light, fruity summer wine.

Making your own wine is a unique and enjoyable experience, and you take home a product that you will be proud to serve to even the most discerning guest. We at Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods take painstaking measures to ensure we provide you with a top quality product.  Our customers love our very user friendly bottling station.  It makes everything so easy and provides a better end product.

World of Wine

Our Juices comes from wine regions all over the world.  Favourite areas include Italy, Australia, Washington, California, Ontario, Chile, and more…

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High Quality, High Class

It is sporting a new name and a new look, but, Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods (formerly Carafe Wine Brantford) is still offering the same quality, award-winning varietals and friendly service that clients have come to enjoy.
In fact, Positano is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with the introduction of an entire line of gourmet food products to further tantalize the taste buds and give people a full appreciation of the wine making experience.
Positano recently took home another five medals in the 2012 Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition.
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