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Every month, Positano offers $10.00 OFF a specially featured red and white 5 or 6 week wine. Each of these wines makes a 23 litre batch. CLICK HERE  to check our specials or ask for details in store.

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One of our loyal customers was telling us why she starting making wine with us.  She said that when she had made wine at a facility where she had to hand wash her bottles with cold water and solution, she noticed a chemical taste in her wine.  She came into our store and saw the bottle sterilizing machine and knew she had come to the right place.  Click here for more testimonials.

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Make your wine at Brantford’s Only Medal Winning Wine On Premise (U-Brew) Facility!

At Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods, we have something for everyone, from a full bodied red, fermented on grape skins and oak chips, to a light, fruity summer wine.

Making your own wine is a unique and enjoyable experience, and you take home a product that you will be proud to serve to even the most discerning guest. We at Positano Wine Making & Gourmet Foods take painstaking measures to ensure we provide you with a top quality product.  Our customers love our very user friendly bottling station.  It makes everything so easy and provides a better end product.  

Carafe Wine Makers Brantford

Make wine for any special occasion, such as Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. 
Click here for special occasion package details. Treat your guests to a top quality wine and impress them with custom labels created to mark the celebration. See examples of labels.

We are excited to announce that we now offer Barrel Aging!  You don’t have to round up ten friends to fill a huge barrel in order to experience the difference a Hungarian Oak Barrel makes, since we have barrels small enough to fit a batch of wine (30 bottles).  Click here for details of our Barrel Aging Program.

World of Wine

Our Juices comes from wine regions all over the world.  Favourite areas include Italy, Australia, Washington, California, Ontario, Chile, and more...

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